Produce Box from Cascade Organic


Produce Box from Cascade Organic items will vary regularly the value will remain the same. A typical box will look like this.

  • 1 lb Native American Harvested Wild Rice
  • 1 lb Farmer’s Choice Mushrooms
  • 1 lb Urban Farm Salad Mix
  • 5 lbs seasonal organic produce

Cascade Organic


How it all started

Cascade Organic’s roots began as weekend family adventures exploring Oregon’s great wilderness.  Former wilderness guide Jeff Michels spent fall weekends teaching his two daughters how to forage wild mushrooms from the bountiful coast range. Caught up in the excitement the family would often harvest more than they could eat. That was when the idea of offering the surplus to local chefs to utilize in their kitchens began.

As time went on more and more local chefs requested wild foods and Cascade Organic was born.

“It wasn’t really about making money but rather not wasting what we harvested”


As an avid outdoorsman who has spent his lifetime teaching and working in nature Jeff would never offer a product that did not meet our strict standards.  Cascade Organic has aligned with the Monterey Seafood Watch standards of Best Choice or Best Alternative to ensure our offerings are ethically and sustainably harvested.  Our wild foraged products are harvested using non-invasive protocols under Special Use Permits from both State and National Forests.  Our produce offerings are all grown organically and when possible sourced from Certified Organic Farms.

Cascade Organic supports small farms, family fishermen, and local foragers.  We look to grow alternative economic opportunities and keep our investments and tax dollars local.

“My first thought was how to make it self-sustainable.”


Our Philosophy is simple: Educate our associates and customers to inspire stewardship.  We see wild places, not as something to be conquered but rather to be experienced and shared. We see our food as an integral part of this.

We want people to know where their food comes from, explore lost foods and new foods, and reunite with the health benefits mother nature has always provided, if we just get back to eating “Common Sense” food.

In the end, Cascade Organic wants to promote a healthy lifestyle that communes with nature while providing fresh and healthy foods for the Active Awakened Spirit.