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Simple classic sweet treats are at the core of Bowl & Whisk, bringing back fond childhood memories of our favorite sweets. Bowl & Whisk brings to life a plethora of options in the rice crispy and cookie sector. Website


Cascade Organic’s mission is to bring people back to “Common Sense” foods. Founded in 2007 Cascade Organic LLC began from weekend family foraging outings in the great Pacific Northwest. From this humble beginning, our passion for good food grew and we built our Urban Farm to focus on unique organic produce sourced from around the world. Website


Deck Family Farm is a 320-acre organic farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. They raise cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys on pastures rich in grass, herbs, and clover, providing a natural habitat that mimics what their wild ancestors lived in. Pasture-raised animals not only live a more stress-free life than their confinement-fed counterparts, but they also grow to provide tastier and healthier meat. Website


Harvest of Peace Microgreens is a one woman owned and operated farm in North Clark County, WA.  Their mission is to provide you with an abundance of nutrient dense super food that makes your heart sing! Website


Honeybee Lemonade Syrups are all-natural artisan syrups, free from preservatives and artificial flavors and sweeteners. They hand-make, bottle, label, box, and ship all in and from Portland, Oregon. Available Honeybee Lemonade Syrup flavors are Mango Coconut Jasmine, Strawberry Raspberry Rhubarb Lime, Peach Lychee, Triple Cherry Lime, Raspberry Blackcurrant, Blue Magic: Madagascar Vanilla Meyer Lemon and Jamaican Sorrel. Website


Martson farm has grown to nearly 300 acres of lush pasture and forest ideal for naturally raising Scottish Highland Cattle in the traditional way. The Martson’s recently acquired the original Dickey family homestead with its approximately 90 acres of pasture. John Dickey came across the Oregon Trail in 1845 and was the first to settle on what became known as Dickey Prairie – about 11 miles from where the Bagby subsequently settled. Website


PaleoFast Meals has created a way for you to stay on track with your meals by providing you with paleo, keto, and also low-glycemic entrees. They make all the meals and deliver them to you! No matter what your dietary needs are, you can find something here that will work for you. Dining with Paleofast is designed to be the EASIEST part of your journey. It is as easy as picking your meals, adding them to the cart, and receiving them on the delivery day ready eat. Website


Rhizome was created for YOU! A new way to hydrate. Complex, spicy flavors without the sugar and alcohol found in most adult beverages. Their handmade, slow-brewed process (using only the freshest organic ingredients) allows you to revitalize your gut and your mind (without spending hours in the kitchen.) Website


Schott Family Farm started in 1986 when they purchased a small farm that included about an acre of vintage blueberry bushes. They handpick and deliver to customers throughout the Willamette Valley. Their season usually runs from late June until early August. They offer four delicious varieties of blueberries: Bluecrop, Coville, Early Blue, and Berkeley.

Suzanne’s Chocolate is a celebration of transformation, a journey of flavors and textures. From cacao blossom to pod − temper to mold, Suzanne’s Chocolate is as exquisite as its beautiful beginnings. Website


Partners Ellie and Emilie started producing Kombucha together about two years ago, after 15 years of experience with other fermented beverages and food. They have been consuming and loving the health benefits of Kombucha for a long time. They also became fascinated with the brewing process and the science behind the drink; the ability to monitor and track it’s the fermentation process. This love progressed to sharing it with others: first friends and family, and now in the full business of 4Hearts! Website