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About Us

What began as a group of friends debating how we could reduce restaurant out of stocks eventually blossomed into a company focused on providing small distributors and farmers an innovative distribution channel. We felt technology could be the conduit that connects local businesses, while also reducing food waste in the communities we serve.

Our vision is to create a community driven ecosystem that helps local farmers, distributors, restaurants, and food trucks thrive in a fast moving economy. We believe this interconnectivity could help reduce the 72 billion pounds of food that end up in our landfills annually, while connecting our partners with foodbanks and shelters to reduce food insecurity.

Moving food to the right location at the right time is the right thing to do!

Cinco Technologies, Inc, named after the five major food groups is a marketing ecosystem to provide food distribution. The value proposition is to create an economic system that connects the producer and the consumer through a software platform while incurring low transaction costs. Our business process uses location-based service (LBS) to connect CSAs with local businesses, provide a reputation rating process and schedule distribution using transportation networked companies.

Our customers are fresh food purveyors who supply: local farm to table restaurants and neighborhood grocery stores by using a membership service platform and using geographic coordinate system (GEO) aware devices. The goal is to be a business to business (b2b) distribution platform for local CSAs in five cities, and the leader in fresh, healthy food for urban and inner-city communities.

Our platform is customer and community focused, statistically optimized, cashless, and profitable by design.